We conduct “Divine Energy Yoga” classes, where we follow gentle energization and relaxation exercises in a specified sequence. These exercises are very gentle and no special gear is required for the class. All the exercises have very profound effect on the physical as well as emotional body. All the stored thoughts and energies are released, and the whole being is recharged with positive life enhancing energy. Towards the end of these classes, we practice Meditation for heightened awareness and to experience the Divine within.

We also conduct “Reiki Attunement” classes for people who want to learn and practice Reiki for Stress Reduction and self-healing. Everyday Reiki practice brings more peace and compassion in one’s life, leads to removal of negative behaviors, facilitates the free flow of life force energy in the body and heals the mental and emotional body.

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We conduct the following seminars to create the awareness in the community about the benefits of different Energization and Meditation practices.
- Introduction to Reiki
- Breath to Rejuvenate
- Yantras to attract desired Energies
- Meditation – key to awaken the Divine within.

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Music for Relaxation


Relaxing Music for Yoga, Healing, Reiki and Meditation

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About Yoga

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means union. It is a set of practices and techniques which originated in ancient India, with a view to attain the state of union of oneself with the Divine Energy, also referred to as the Super Consciousness. The meditative science of "Raja Yoga", as outlined by the great sage Patanjali, consists of eight stages. According to his Yoga Sutras, the path of Enlightenment embraces the following eight stages of spiritual yogic practices:





moral codes(the don'ts)


self-purification and study(the do's)




energy control


withdrawing of the mind from the senses




deep meditation




The first four stages —yama, niyama, asana and pranayama—are considered external cleansing practices and help to cleanse and detoxify our physical body. The stages of pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi—are considered internal cleansing practices that remove our mental and emotional blocks, and help us move further on the path of Self-Realization.


About Divine Energy Yoga


“Divine Energy Yoga" classes have been designed to incorporate this eight-fold path to Enlightenment. The exercises performed in these classes have no religious bearing, and transcend the idea of any religious following. These are very gentle exercises, and can be practiced by everyone, regardless of their age or fitness level. All the exercises can be performed in a comfortable standing pose, or while sitting in a chair, or on the floor. The one hour class is divided into four sections as:

1. Relaxation Exercises

These exercises focus on stress reduction by reducing tension in all the muscles of the body. The practitioner becomes calmer and at ease with the external environment, which results in reduced level of anxiety, stress or anger. When we change our physiology, our thoughts and feelings also begin to change. We feel more relaxed and peaceful.

2. Energization Exercises

These exercises aim to recharge the body through the infinite cosmic energy. These focus on first releasing the stored energy from the body, and then recharge the body by channelizing the Universal Life force Energy through it. This strengthens the flow of energy in our body and rejuvenates each and every cell.


3. Pranayama (Breathing Exercises)

The word "prana" refers primarily to the energy itself, and because of close connection that exists between the breath and causative flow of energy in the body, it is sometimes perceived as breath. Pranayama means control of energy, and is often affected with the aid of breathing exercises. By practicing these techniques, we try to reach the state in which the energy in the body is harmonized to the point where its flow is no longer outward toward the senses, but inward toward the Divine Self. 

4. Guided Meditation

By prolonged concentration on any stage of consciousness, one begins to assume to himself its qualities. By concentrating on the inner light, one gradually takes on the qualities of that inner reality.

The meditation practice fosters the inward realization of Divinity. The mind loses its ego identification, and begins to merge in the great ocean of consciousness of which it is a part.  

Everyday practice of these techniques may result in cleansing of our physical, mental and emotional body. There is free flow of life force energy in our whole being, resulting in body, mind and soul wellness as a whole.

The pure Divine energy flows through us all the time bringing immense healing to our self as well as to others around us. This also progresses us towards Self-Realization, when we are able to experience the Infinite Divine Energy residing within all of us and merge our self with this energy as pure love.