We conduct “Divine Energy Yoga” classes, where we follow gentle energization and relaxation exercises in a specified sequence. These exercises are very gentle and no special gear is required for the class. All the exercises have very profound effect on thephysical as well as emotional body. All the stored thoughts and energies are released, and the whole being is recharged with positive life enhancing energy. Towards the end of these classes, we practice Meditation for heightened awareness and to experience the Divine within.

We also conduct “Reiki Attunement” classes for people who want to learn and practice Reiki for Stress Reduction and self-healing. Everyday Reiki practice brings more peace and compassion in one’s life, leads to removal of negative behaviors, facilitates the free flow of life force energy in the body and heals the mental and emotional body.

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We conduct the following seminars to create the awareness in the community about the benefits of different Energization and Meditation practices.
- Introduction to Reiki
- Breath to Rejuvenate
- Yantras to attract desired Energies
- Meditation – key to awaken the Divine within.

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Music for Relaxation


Relaxing Music for Yoga, Healing, Reiki and Meditation

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Welcome to “Divine Energy Yoga”, where our objective is to help heal the individual at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level in order to maintain good health and well-being. We provide the training and guidance based on ancient Yogic techniques and wisdom, that have been proven to help heal the mind and the body. The Energy Healing helps the individual in clearing the blocks in the energy body and leading to positive transformation and growth. This also helps the immune system become stronger and reduces the probability of getting sick or suffering from the same ailment over and over again.


About Us

Dr. Alka Khurana is a certified medical practitioner in alternative medicine. She is a Reiki master and has been practicing yoga, pranayama and meditation for more than 20 years. She is well experienced in training several people around the world in Reiki, Meditation and Energy Healing techniques. Read more


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Energy Healing

The Sanskrit word 'Prana' refers to the vital, life-sustaining force of living beings and vital energy according to ancient Hindu scriptures. The Chinese have a similar concept of a life force called Qi or Chi. Dr. Usui of Japan, rediscovered the art of energy healing as Reiki meaning universal life force energy. Energy healing practitioners are able to transcend the physical self and are able to deal with the emotional, mental and spiritual energies to heal the individual at all levels of existence. Read more 


Meditation is a state of intense awareness achieved by stillness of thoughts. It is a journey to the center of our own being and experiencing our natural state of expanded awareness. Regular Meditation practice helps us to manage excessive stress of modern life and leads us on the path of Self-realization. Read more


Spiritual Art

Dr. Alka Khurana designs Yantras and customized art in the following categories

  • Spiritual Art
  • Reiki Art
  • Yogic Energy Paintings
  • Sacred Abstract Art
  • Feng Shui Art

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