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"Karma Yoga and Mind"

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Amazon Book Review - Karma Yoga and Mind

I have practiced meditation and yoga for several years. I have read many books on the subject. Everyone has their own point of view for connecting the body and the mind to higher levels. I just finished Sandeep Khurana's book "Karma Yoga and Mind" and I must say it was a great read. Finally someone connects/explains the role that karma plays in our lives and how it even affects our meditation. I really enjoyed the sections on healing. I have not tried Reiki healing but now that I have a better understanding as to what it involves and the benefits both to the physical body and the mind I am going to seek out Reiki attunement!

No matter your beliefs; Christianity, Buddhism, Atheist or even Agnostic there is great knowledge to be found in this book and in yoga in general. It calms, centers and makes you refocus your energy on positive thoughts. If yoga - and the understanding of centering oneself - were not beneficial it would not have stood the test of time and continue to help so many thousands of years later.

I highly recommend this book to everyone. There is much to learn and many ways to grow.

- Mika


I have been doing Yoga on and off for years, I like it, but never really made the whole mind connection despite how good the instructor is/was. I had seen this cruising through the world of Amazon and was intrigues by the title and the relationship that was eluded to. After reading this my zest for Yoga is renewed and I can actually focus on taking care of my body, mind and good Karma... . I feel a more inner peace having finally made the connection and actually see things happening better in my life. An excellent read!

- Brian