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"Sandeep Khurana's new age music is filled with gorgeous sounds from nature, such as waterfalls, lilting sounds resembling pipes, and rhythmic chords similar to sitar sounds. This entire symphony of sound induces deep tranquillity and transports you to a place of calm, even serenity. I listened to these tracks after a highly stressful day of publishing deadlines; it didn't take long to work its magic" - Dr. Sandra Goodman, Phd. Editor Positive Health Magazine, London

"Great sound. Just when it began to induce a trance like feeling, the clip ended. Would love to hear more. I'd rather savour the feeling of calm it induced:)) "This sounds so sweet and comforting" - Medical Practitioner "Never heard Shri Hanuman Chalisa Chants like these before" - "Lovely...tranquilizing"